postponed to September 2021


On the occasion of the Moscato Trail (outdoor running race) which takes place in Santo Stefano Belbo ASD Dynamic Center Valle Belbo in collaboration with the Municipalities of Santo Stefano Belbo, Castiglione Tinella, Cossano Belbo, Mango and Camo organizes for Sunday 27 September the 8th edition of the Ludica event dedicated to the children of the elementary and middle schools of the Istituto Comprensivo Cesare Pavese of S. Stefano Belbo and Mango, giving each student a bib number.

The event includes a journey of about 2 km starting at 10:45 am from Piazza Umberto I of Santo Stefano Belbo and returning to the square itself.

500 free bibs will be delivered to the students of the elementary and middle schools of the countries involved in the Moscato Trail which will be used exclusively for the nutella party.
Entries will be collected in schools and / or on Sunday mornings in Piazza Umberto I ° in S. Stefano Belbo by 10.30 am

(For the students of the institutes of Santo Stefano, remember to bring the bib and to have the Parents release the release form)

For all other children who do not have a race number and wish to register, it is always possible to do so on Sunday morning on Piazza Umberto I by 10:30 am

The cost of participation, which parents can also participate in, is € 2.00 per person who will go entirely to the non-profit association “I run for find the cure” whose project for this year is to support the construction of a well of water (precious) in Nefadji Coura in Mali: irunfor.findthecure.it