The “Trail del Moscato”, trail running race in semi-autonomy, is organized by the “ASD DYNAMIC CENTER VALLE BELBO”  under the patronage of the Municipality of Santo Stefano Belbo, Castiglione Tinella, Mango, Cossano Belbo,  Piedmont Region, the Ente Turismo Alba Bra Langhe and Roero and the CRC Foundation

The races will be:

Lavorare stanca” :54 km 2800 m D + (Trail – Competitive) starting 7.30 AM

Paesi tuoi“: 21 km 1100 m D + (Trail – Competitive) part. 9.30 AM + Nordic Walking (Non Competitive) – starting to       follow: 9.45 AM

Sali Scendi“: 10 km   650 m D + (Competitive NOT free at all) part. 10.00 AM + 10.15 AM + Starting Nordic Walking , “food and wine walk”starting at 10.30 AM

The races of 54 and 21 km take place in a single step at free speed in limited time and in a regime of semi-autonomy.

In all competitions the miles are not marked. In this regard, it is advisable to study well the road book provided by the organization and can be downloaded from the official website:

The competitors must adhere strictly to the race course mostly reported by arrows signaling yellow, from strips of red and white paint and biodegradable white. Any signs of a different color to be overlooked as it shows ways unrelated to the “Trail del Moscato”.

If you do not meet for several hundred meters Arrows signaling yellow and / or red-white tapes, one must go back to the last reporting in order to be sure to be on the correct path.

The move away from the official route, as well as result in disqualification from the race will be at the sole risk of the competitor.

ART 2: – REGISTRATION COMPETITIVE – TRAIL54 km”Lavorare stanca” – TRAIL21 Km”Paesi tuoi” – TRAIL 10 km “Sali scendi”

Registration takes place on internet through the website “trail del Moscato”

FOR DETAILS and / or cumulative registrations  look at the page  “REGISTRATION” on the website

All athletes of age in possession of medical certificate for the competitive activity with an expiration not earlier than the date of the competition.

To register for the “Lavorare Stanca” is necessary:

  • – Be aware of the length of the race and the characteristics of the race;
  • – Be well trained to deal with it;
  • – Have acquired, before the race, a real capacity of personal autonomy to be able to better manage the problems arising from adverse weather conditions (wind, fog, rain, cold);
  • – Be able to handle the physical or mental problems caused by the great fatigue, digestive problems, muscle pain, or joints, small wounds etc..
  • – Be aware that the Organization’s role is not to help a runner to handle such problems.

The registration is personal and permanent, are not allowed exchanges of pectorals and / or replacements of names nor the change of the race. It is specified that does not require membership to federations. Entries close at 1 PM on 24/09/2021.

The closing date for entries will be announced on the official website of the “Trail del Moscato” and by that time no further entries will be accepted. The site will also be published the list members kept updated at least weekly.


The registration’s cost for the “Trail del Moscato” is indicated on the registration form posted on the website

For details, look at the page “REGISTRATION” on the website


The registration fee includes all services described in this Regulation, a goody bag and a good meal that can be eaten upon arrival. This does not include dinner on Saturday evening.


Payment must be made through the online service by credit card or by postal order to be made immediately after sending the form. The registration will be canceled if payment is not received within 5 days after sending the form.

The registration fee is not refundable in case of non-participation at the race.


It is obligatory to send the medical certificate when enrolling how indicated on the website The certificate must not be sent to the Organization in any way.

It will not be sufficient to present the FIDAL or sport promotion Organizations.

Will not be allowed to participate in the “Trail del Moscato”  54 km and 21 km one who has not provided a copy of the medical certificate.


Athletes enrolled with Foreign Athletics Federations, IAAF or affiliated with IPC, must send, at registration, a copy of the the club membership card , valid for 2019, or, in compliance with Italian law on safety in sport, athletes who are not registered must submit when registering the health care model, provided by the organization and available here at the bottom of the article or page on the site in the  realise and medical certificate duly completed, signed and stamped by the physician in accordance with the regulations in force in your country.

ATTENTION: it is Necessary to Provide, with the registration form, a valid medical certificate. We will not accept registrations without this document.

Download medical certificate: (for foreign athlets) >> click here

Download release >> click here

ART 3: ENTRY NORDIC WALKING 10 km and 21 km  –Under construction

Registration takes place on Internet through the website

Or in the place only for Nordic Walking 11 km, up to 1/2 hour before departure.

FOR DETAILS and / or CUMULATIVE REGISTRATIONS See page “Entry nordic walking” on the website

For those who sign up to 21 kM NUMBERS ARE EXPECTED to be presented to enter the lunch.

For those who subscribe to the 10 KM NUMBERS ARE EXPECTED to be presented to access the pasta party.

The medical certificate is NOT required, it is obligatory to fill in the DOCUMENT RELEASE signing the DECLARATION OF ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY at the time of on place registration, or if you sign up on Internet downloading the form from the website www. or and sending the document not later than September 26, 2019 at

ART 4: ENTRY “FOOD AND WINE WALK” 8 KM —– under construction

Registration takes place on Internet through the website

For details, see pageREGISTRATIONon the website

NOT EXPECTED NUMBERS but a coupon puts valid identification for “food and wine” stops along the way.


Withdrawal pectoral and goody bag will take place at the headquarters of ASD DYNAMIC CENTER VALLE BELBO in Via Cesare Battisti 20 in Santo Stefano Belbo


  • -10:00 AM -12:00 AM    /   14:00 PM – 20:00 PM


  •  – 5:00 AM to 6:00 AM / 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM just for the Trail “lavorare stanca” 54 Km
  • – 7:00 AM – 8:00 Am / 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM  Trail “Sali scendi” 21 km
  • – 7:30 AM – 8:30 / 8:30 -9:30  “Sali scendi”  10 km


Competitors must enter the start in Piazza Umberto I in Santo Stefano Belbo Sunday, September 29 no later than hours:

  •  – 07:00 AM, “lavorare stanca” (7:00 AM / 7:20 AM punching and control material)
  • – 07:20 AM departure briefing area
  • – 07:30 AM departure Trail “lavorare stanca” 54 KM
  • – 09.00 AM Km for “paesi tuoi” (9:00 AM / 9:20 AM punching and control material)
  • – 09:20 AM start briefing area
  • – 09:30 AM departure Trail “paesi tuoi” Km-21
  • – 09:45 AM departure “paesi tuoi” Nordic Walking 21 Km
  • – 10:00 AM departure race “Sali scendi” 10 km non-competitive starting
  • – 10:15 AM “Sali scendi” Nordic 10 KmWalking
  • – 10:30 AM departure “food and wine walk” 10 Km

ART 7: TIME LIMIT AND TIME GATES – (only for Trail 54 km and 21 km)

The maximum time to reach arrival is:

  • – 10 hours (until 5:00 pm) for “lavorare stanca” 54 km
  • -4 hours (until 1.30 pm) for “paesi tuoi”21 km

only for “lavorare stanca”54 kmg ates will be established the following times:

  •  1. – Loc. Terre Bianche  (16,5 km race) athletes must pass before 10.30 am and then no more than the 3-hour race
  • 2. – Loc. Forti  (31 Km Race) athletes must pass before 1.30 pm and not beyond the 6-hour race

Only athletes will share the checkpoints before the time limit set will be allowed to continue the race. This is to ensure the safety of participants and volunteers of the rescue. Any return must be reported to employees on the path which will organize any transport competitor’s arrival. Competitors removed who wish to pursue the path must first return the pectoral, then can continue only under their own responsibility and in complete autonomy. And provided a service “broom” that will run through the track following the last competitor, in order to be withdrawn and to help prevent any injuries remain without assistance.

ART 8: – Refreshment

You run in the semi-autonomy.

The semi-autonomy is defined as the ability to be autonomous between two refreshment points, with regard to their safety, nutrition and equipment, allowing it to be ready to deal with unexpected problems, such as adverse weather, physical complaints, small wounds, etc..

It will however be prepared by the organization some refreshment points with drinks and food to consume on the place, the organization also provides natural water to fill the water bottle or Camelbag that each competitor must have with them. Each runner will have to make sure you have at the start of each filling station, the minimum amount of water expected as binding material and that will be necessary to reach the next refreshment point. Personal assistance is prohibited outside of the points allowed (refreshments). Is forbidden to be accompanied by another person who is not duly registered on the race.

In order to limit the production of waste, will not be present at the refreshment plastic cups.

Upon arrival, each participant can take advantage of a complete refreshment and a full lunch.

Refreshments are provided in the following points:

For the 54 km:

  • – Cossano Belbo  – after approximately 12 km) water only
  • –  Mango – after 21 km complete refreshment
  • –  loc. Dornere after approximately 25 km) water  refreshment
  • – loc. Forti after approximately 37 km) water refreshment
  • – Castiglione Tinella (after approximately 42 km) complete refreshment
  • – loc. Moncucco (after about 49 km) refreshment only water
  • – arrival Santo Stefano Belbo 54 km complete refreshment

For the 21 Km:

– loc. ca dei monti  after approximately 5 km only water

– Bridge Camo – “Cantina Valle Belbo” (after approximately 13 km) complete refreshment

– loc. Moncucco (after approximately 17 km) refreshment only water

– arrival Santo Stefano Belbo 21 km complete refreshment.


On the way there will be employees of the organization, volunteers with trial bike for the first 21 km, volunteers with quads for the remaining 31 km, civil defense volunteers and alpine in constant contact with the base. At31 Kmfrom Castiglione Tinella an ambulance will be present as well as in the finish area with on-board medical and paramedics ready to intervene.

Along the path will be established some control points, where the employees of the organization will monitor the passage of the athletes. And ‘compulsory pass in the vicinity of the control points at the step going without running and with a visible race number placed on the chest or leg.

Is advisable to make sure you are properly registered, as in the case of failure to register or failure to pass a control point, is applied to the disqualification.

Each runner hurt or in trouble,  can call for help:

  •  – Occurring at a checkpoint officer;
  • – Calling the number on the pectoral of the organization;
  • – Asking another runner to alert rescue.

Is duty and obligatory to provide assistance to all people in need and if necessary alert the rescue.


It’s important to know that in case of need for aid, the morphology of the territory or the current weather conditions could cause wait for rescue longer than expected. The security will then depend on the material that you will have in your backpack.

At the start of the race and from every refreshment point or control

it is obligatory to bring the following items:

 “Lavorare stanca” -54 km

  • – Camel bag or bottles with at least1 literof liquids;
  • – Race number clearly visible;
  • – Emergency whistle;
  • – Food reserve;
  • – Route map (can download it from the website)
  • – Mobile phone with inserted emergency number (which will also be shown on the pectoral)
  • – Glass (the refreshment there will be no plastic cups)
  • – The termic blanket

They are recommended (depending on weather conditions), pants long at least below the knee and windbreaker jacket.

“Paesi tuoi” -21 Km

  •  – Race number clearly visible;
  • – Emergency whistle
  • – Mobile phone with inserted emergency number (which will also be shown on the chest)
  • – Glass (the refreshment there will be no plastic cups).

They are recommended (depending on weather conditions), pants long at least below the knee and windbreaker jacket.

At the start and along the way (a sample) will conduct inspections of the material required.


In case of significant weather phenomena (fog, storms, etc.) the organization has the right to the last minute changes in the path in order to eliminate potential hazards or conditions of great discomfort for the participants.

Any changes will be communicated to participants by the organization staff.

The organizers has the right to suspend or cancel the race in case the weather conditions seek to pass risks the safety of participants or of the rescuers.

NB: care organization will insert or remove some of the material required depending on the weather conditions at the time of departure.

Disqualification in the event of refusal to submit to the control.

Is permitted to use the sticks. In the case of their use must be kept from the beginning to the end of the race. It ‘may not be brought up or abandon them along the way. Is forbidden to use public transport.


The race takes place in natural ecosystems and through maintained cultivation of value. Therefore, all competitors must behave in a respectful mood for the environment, in particular by avoiding to disperse waste, collect fruits, flowers or break crops and / or cultivation  or  the wildlife.

Anyone will be surprised to voluntarily leave waste along the route will be disqualified from the competition.


The Organization staff along the path are allowed to verify the respect of the regulation by the runners and inform the jury of the offenses detected. The Jury of race applies the penalty according to the following table. The time penalty shall be applicable immediately and the sanctioned runner must stop running for the duration of the penalty.


  •  Cutting a path segment less than1 kmpenalties: 1 hour
  • Cut a section of the route more than 1 km: immediate disqualification
  • Absence of obligatory equipment: water minimum expected, emergency whistle, road-book or map penalty: 30 minutes
  • Refusal to get checked: disqualification
  • Voluntary abandonment of waste: disqualification
  • Failure to assist a runner in trouble penalties: 1 hour
  • Support from a companions penalties: 1 hour
  • Cheating: the use of a vehicle, sharing or exchange of race number and immediate disqualification for life
  • Pectoral with no visible number penalty: 15 minutes
  • Failed to passage a checkpoint: disqualification prior investigations
  • Starting from a control point after the limit time: disqualification. (You can still voluntarily finish the race but will not be guaranteed assistance along the way)
  • Use of sticks that have not been taken since the beginning of the race penalty: 1 hour


We accept only written complaints within 30 minutes of arrival time of the last competitor, with delivery of deposit of € 50,00.


The jury consists in:

  • -the race director
  • -the coordinator responsible for the security
  • -the person responsible for of the medical team
  • -the person responsible of the checkpoints of the area involved
  • -all competent persons designated by the President of the Organizing Committee.

The jury is empowered to act at a time compatible with the obligations of the race over all disputes or disqualification occurred during the race. The decisions are final.


There are no cash prizes.

Will be awarded to the first 5 absolute athletes men and women of each race (Lavorare Stanca – Paesi tuoi – Sali Scendi) with prizes in goods and technical clothing.

Prizes for the top three teams participants (teams of athletes participating in both the 21 km that at 54 km)

All competitors who finish the two races of 54 and 21 km within the time limits, will receive a souvenir of the race stating the title of “finisher”. Also among all competitors finisher attend the awarding ceremony will be raffled prizes honored by Partners Collaborating to the success of the event.

Will be written, however, an overall ranking for each race, with the times of arrival.


By entering, participants authorize the organization to use free without territorial limits of time, still and moving images that portray them when participating in the Trail del Moscato on all media, on Internet, including promotional and / or advertising, all over the world and throughout the maximum time allowed by the laws, regulations, treaties in force, including all extension options that may be provided by law.

INFORMATION ART. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003- PRIVACY POLICY

For more information on how we use your data, read the information pursuant to art. 13 European Regulation 679/2016 (so-called “GDPR”). The Data Controller is ASD Dynamic Center Valle Belbo with headquarters in via Cesare Battisti 20 – 12058 – S. Stefano Belbo (cn).

All personal data, whose contribution is required for entry to the Trail of Muscat, will be processed by the employees of ‘organization, in accordance with the Privacy Code, with paper-based tools for the realization of the sporting event in question and for sending advertising material.

The data may be disclosed to third parties for the fulfillment of obligations related to the event or for the purposes outlined above. As regards consent to the use of personal data, will attest the signature on the registration form.


The voluntary enrollment and subsequent participation in the race indicate the full unreserved acceptance of the present regulations of the competition. By registering, the participant releases the organizers from all liability, whether civil or criminal, for damages to persons and / or property caused by him or his derivatives.




The organization subscribes liability insurance for the entire period of the test. Participation is under the full responsibility of the competitors, who renounce all recourse against the organizers in case of damage and additional consequences arising after the race. When registering on-line to end the practice, the runner must sign a release of liability disclaimer.


in case of cancellation only for Covid , you will be entitled to a refund of 60% of the registration fee excluding bank commissions